Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Gone to Texas......

I just couldn't resist when I heard that Zombie Ghost Train were doing a show on a Friday night in San Antonio with my friends 12 Step Rebels. Yeah for Southwest & their Rapid Rewards tickets!

I'd originally met the Albequerque based Rebels back in 2004 when they toured with Tiger Army on the "Punks Vs. Psychos" tour & got to be good friends with them & saw them a ton of times - unfortunately they broke up a year and a half later much to my dismay though their drummer "Mad Dog" Chad went on to join Viva hate with Geoff Kresge & also started his own band "Ends !n Tragedy" with Ian (12 Step's old merch guy)

I'd kept in touch with everybody but hadn't seen Jake or Nate since the split tho I'd seen Chad a buncha times with Viva Hate before he quit and also checked out Ends !n Tragedy when I went to Albequerque to see TA before they did those two shows with Morrissey lasy year.

Oddly enough they are sort of responsible for how I first saw Zombie Ghost Train. 12 Step was supposed to play at the big "Hollywood Rockabilly Showdown" over labor day weekend in 2005 (along with Batmobile, Rezurex, a rare reunion show by Jeff Roffredo's old band Cosmic Voodoo etc) to which I thought "cool!" and lucked into a really cheap plane ticket so I made plans to go months in advance. Then after it was announced 12 Step broke up & here I was with this plane ticket & heard that ZGT was added o the bill and since I'd heard so many great things about them from the Australians on my ghosttigers board I figured I might as well go anyhow and boy am I glad I did!!

So its kinda cool fate eventually brought them together & I could make it :)

I flew down Friday morning & got a really nice hotel along the San Antonio riverwalk, The Drury Inn. I figured while in Texas I had to try their famed beef so I had a wonderful steak at their restaurant, the Texas Land & Cattle Company & took a walk along the river - it was surprizingly uncrowded & very peaceful.

About 4 PM Chad called & said that they'd gotten to the venue after doing a radio interview & live performance at a local station that then took them allout to lunch ata good local restaurant. So I headed over to the Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar to meet up with the Rebels.

...to be continued.....

The restaurant down on the first floor of my hotel that opened out on to the Riverwalk, had a really good steak there figuring I needed to try Texas beef while in Texas :)

walking along the river -

this cool looking duck swam alongside me while i walked

That night at the club I got to meet citizensugark :)

She brought me a very cool present she'd made, this little bottlecap necklace she'd painted - she did a really nice job!!

Thank you Krista!!!!!
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