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Hangin' with 12 Step...

So after Chad called I went over & met them at the venue, got to hear their soundcheck & the sound is a lot fuller now that Ian has joined in on 2nd guitar. Great new opening intro too!! After the soundcheck we hung outside with the guys from one of the opening bands, the Goddamn Gallows, they were really cool and friendly & invited Chad onstage to join them on washboard at the end of their set, even tho he'd never played one he was game :) Also shot a bunch of offstage pix of 12SR in case they'd lik eto use 'em & naturally they all hammed it up.

12 Step came on last that night as they were headling (there were like 10 bands, some playing on the outside patio & the main bands indoors) so they played after Zombie ghost Train - the place was packed & it was unbelieveably hot in there. I damn near passed out in the heat but was too stubborn to move out f the front & am glad I remaineda s I got some great photos :) It was well worth it and I had a blast!!

Posted a ton of photos from the show on my website:

soundcheck that afternoon:

its Snydley Whiplash!

The Goddam Gallows!

Chad joining on on washboard -

Setlist (as carefully taped to Nate's bass)

a thoroughly disreputable looking bunch at the end of the night! ;)

Jacob Insane attempting to outdo Nick 13 in the crazy eyes contest:

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