Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

What a horrible horrible night :(

coyote13 has been feeling poorly for weeks, barely able to walk or breathe and in general frightening those close to her who care for her deeply. Of course she is as stubborn as they come & kept refusing to see a doctor, mainly of course due to having no insurance.

We finally talked her into it over the weekend (It was terrifying when we went to the AFI to catch "Big Trouble In Little China" that she couldn't even walk from the parking garage to the theater) and kisarazumama offered to pay to take her to the same Emergency Clinic where she got her broken ankle patched up. So yesterday evening we took her over & the poor folks at the clinic wouldn't even take payment but called the ambulence immediately to whisk her to Shady Grove fearing congestive heart failure. Greatly upsetting to say the least; kisarazumama and I followed the ambulence in my car & waited for hours & finally got to see her with tubes & wires sticking everywhere as she sat on oxygen doing breathing treatments while many electrodes monitored all sorts of rhythms. We didn't get much info on her condition aside from hearing that she had a lot of fluid in her lungs.

At least they are taking good care of her & she feels OK & relaxed; no doubt relieved that something will finally be DONE and hopefully she won't have to live in constant pain if they can fix what is broke. I talked to her a few minutes ago and they are going to transfer her to Washington Adventist in Takoma Park tomorrow to test for blockages; she wanted to know if I thought she should go and I was like "hell yeah, I mean they are doctors with medical degrees and know what they are doing and we don't".

Anyhow she'll still be at Shady Grove tonight so we'll go visit after work & bring her a sketchbook & drawing goodies as she's bored shitless. (sigh, I remember when I nearly died of pnuemonia and was hospitalized for 2 weeks and had my parents bring the complete works of Stephen King)

Anyway if you know her sent good thoughts & wishes her way.
Tags: coyote13, hospital, judy
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