Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Wish I had better news to report....

They transferred Jree down to Washington Adventist & tested her out & it turns out she has major artery blockage to where half of her heart is not functioning so tomorrow they'll be doing a double bypass. So after that she'll be in the hospital for another 3-5 days and then recovering at home for probably 6-8 weeks.

On the upside, her surgeon comes highly recommended from my friend Art at work who had his heart damage repaired by the very same Dr a few months back & he just raved about how good he was, as well as caring to the point of personally calling him at home to follow up with how he was doing.

She seems in good spirits, probably relieved that things will be fixed & she may be able to live a pain free life as she's had a lot of chest pains for YEARS writing them off as costochondritis and fibromyalgia due to being uninsured & terrified of how to pay for a doctor.

Anyway we won't be able to see her tomorrow as she'll be knocked out but we'll head down Friday.
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