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"I know...it's really serious"

Paula & I went to visit Jree in the hospital again last night....we had to wait about an hour and a half in the little waiting room outside the cardiac surgery ICU & finally they brought us in... Her mom had called us earlier & told us that she'd been awake that morning but she was sedated again when we got down there.

Poor kid, I've never seen so damn many tubes in my life. Now they have her on dialysis as well as her kidneys aren't up to speed & her blood needed filtering (which apparently can lead to heart palpitations), also she was wearing big padded mittens and restrained as apparently she'd panicked & tried to remove or unhook something when she woke up.

On the plus side her heart isn't as erratic as it was a few days ago, they told us that yesterday was her best day in that department as there had been no "events" for the first time in a whole day so I guess that's the most important thing. If they can just get her heart stabilized they should be able to deal with the other setbacks. I worry about her kidneys & wonder if with her heart so damaged for an unknown period of time what problems it may have caused to other organs.

Paula is meanwhile trying to find all the documents necessary to work with the hospital fill out paperwork to apply for Medicaid and had a minor breakthrough at home finding her birth certificate in a box of old family photos. (I can't even begin to imagine what this might cost as a "normal" bypass without complications can easily run $50-60,000). Unfortunately Jree's purse and clothes and things got taken by the hospital's security along with Paula's cell phone that Paula had left with Jree in case she wanted to try & call her mom (since there was no outgoing long distance in the room she was in before the surgery) - now none are accessible as they can only be released to Judy's mom as she is the "next of kin" and she is in Missouri, including Jree's ID in the purse which is necessary for the Medicare paperwork (possibly her missing SSN# card is in there too).

Hopefully the hospital employee working on the Medicaid forms will be able to get access to the needed ID so it won't hold things up, in the meanwhile I may just have to buy Paula a new cell phone as she's got mine in the meanwhile so she can keep in touch as there is no phone at her office.

Makes you REALLY wish gay marriages or civil unions were recognized in Maryland in which case Paula would be her next of kin (and would that Jree had been covered by Paula's insurance and had not avoided preventive care for so many years out of fear of the costs) - it just ain't freakin' fair when them being together decades doesn't count in the eyes of the law. :(

I can't even describe how hard it is to see her in such a state, I know she's getting the best possible care but its still very sad and frightening. Hopefully if her heart just stabilizes everything else will follow along shortly & she'll build up hert strength. On the plus side the incision will be healed up pretty well before she knows it.

Paula and I are holding up best we can with loads of kitty help as they can definitely tell something is way wrong.
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