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Bought Paula a new cell phone while her old one is in "lockup" so I can reclaim mine.

Also needed a new toy so bought Heroes season 1 at Best Buy tonight. Wanted to buy Jree a lime green iPod nano for her birthday which is a week from Saturday (she sure as hell deserves a nice present) but Apple is apparently on the verge of bringing out a new line so nobody has any iPods in stock aside from the itty bitties. Poo. Considering Creative Zen in leui of iPod.

And my Jareth figure I finally remembered to order arrived!

Heading up tomorrow afternoon to Philly with Chris so we can catch the 2nd to last ever gig by The Explosion @ First Unitarian Church. Its a damn shame they are breaking up, especially as their last recorded album containing many of their best songs remains in limbo.

I've also got a serious craving for a real Philly Cheesesteak so after the show it's down to Pats or Genos to experience the ambience of the yellow bug lights.
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