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Final Explosion

Or at least the 2nd to last - Chris and I drove up to Philly last night & caught the 2nd to last ever show by one of our favorite punk outfits, The Explosion. I've seen them prolly 20 times over the last few years as they've toured a lot with AFI, Tiger Army & Social Distortion & they are the nicest guys. (Their drummer Andrew Black is from around here and his mom works at the mall a couple of blocks from where i live & I've taken her to shows for Andrew who is so sweet and afraid of his mum going into a bad neighborhood alone!)

They played in the basement of the First Unitarian Church (the same place where I'd seen I Am Ghost last Halloween) & it was pretty packed - opening were Ram & Ox and Modern Life Is War (and even tho I am not a big hardcore fan they were pretty good). Ran into Andrew as they arrived & he ran over & gave me a hug & thanked us for coming & I told him I wouldn't miss it for the world (just sorry I really couldn't afford to make the actual last show tonight at the Knitting Factory)

The Explosion came on last & Chris and I were right in front of the stage - unfortunately the crowd got REALLY crazy and there were tons of guys jumping up to stagedive and half way thrui the first song Chris got kicked hard in the head & went down & came up bleeding like crazy around his eye & one of the venue staff quickly pulled him out. He suffered about an inch long gash right under his brow & by the end of the show his eyelid was already swelling & turning purple - this morning his eye was totally swollen shut & it looked like he was wearing all my MAC purple eyeshadow.

The show was insane, I took some crappy pictures in between ducking stage divers with my little camera (at one point R.J. from AFI's crew went sailing over me), perhaps as well I didn't bring the big one & risk it getting destroyed! They did a great set including many of their best & happy to hear "New York Can't Dance" one last time - damn I hope their finally album with that track eventually sees the light of day!!!

Since Chris was pretty hurtin' we skipped out on the aftershow party down the street at the Medusa Lounge and instead stopped for cheesesteaks @ Geno's this time (their food is good so I'll try my best to momentarily ignore their overwhelming bigotry and anti immigrant displays which is kinda mind boggling - I think next time we'll opt for Pat's)

Drove back & crashed at Chris' for which I was grateful as I was too wiped to make it another hour home, got to admire his impressively huge Balzac collection & he proudly showed me his appearance in the photo section of their new DVD from when he gave them the Balzac mask he made when they last played at the Starland Ballroom - way too cool :)

Poor Chris - this was last night when we got back -

and this morning it was swollen shut -

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