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A quiet and mostly uneventful holiday

'Twas a laid back holiday weekend, after coming back from seeing the Explosion I was able to finish painting 4 horse figurines to sell & make some money to pay for all my madness and catch up on some sleep. Plus a crazed Misfits collector wrote and offered me $600 for a button (yes a button, like one of those Badge-A-Minute types)...OK it was a rather special button hand made by Glenn Danzig in 1978 around the time that the Misfits "Bullet" 7" came out & showed JKF wearing a santa hat but it was still a button and IMHO no button is worth remotely that so damn straight I took his offer & he paypaled me right away so now I can quit fretting about how I'm gonna pay for next weekend's jaunt to LA and when I sell the stuff I just painted it will help with other upcoming trips.

And speaking of next weekend I have rather a hot date lined up with a cool ghoul who I'm really looking forward to hanging out with again :) I offered to take Stu to the La Brea tar Pits & he seems to think thats a nifty idea so we can hang out & gawk at long dead things :)

Visited Jree at the hospital and she was again sound asleep... it must be my fault, the two times paula went solo she was awake. At least she seems to be doing better & looks a lot healthier (more color in her cheeks, she was so pale when we took her to the Drs) with fewer tubes & wires, I miss having her to talk to, can't wait until she is better. Hope she will be out of intensive care soon & able to breathe on her own. It sucks so much that she'll probably still be in the hospital on her birthday but we can certainly celebrate big time when she comes home.
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