Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Saturday at Safari Sams

So the morning after the Showcase show I drove up to Hollywood & got a room at the Comfort Inn at Hollywood & Highland - have stayed there a few times in the last year & its a nice, comfortable place at a decent price. Treated myself to a nice Thai lunch at Toi on Sunset & went shopping at Meltdown comics but was still feeling so empty and depressed over Jree I just really couldn't enjoy myself. I kept seeing things I thought she'd love & would be ready to buy it for her & then had to remind myself it was too late :(

But thankfully the night vastly improved my spirits, got dressed up & headed over to Safari Sam's & found Kamilla and 3/4 of Viva Hate waiting outside for Eric so they could load in & hand in the guest list. So great to see them again, hadn't seen Geoff and the guys since I was out in March & hadn't seen Kamilla since last October as in March she'd been back in Denmark visiting her relatives.

First up were the Porch Kickers and the Mad Ramblers, then The Black Rose Phantoms came on. Meanwhile my friend Kristen arrived & I got a chance to catch up with her as I hadn't seen her in some months, she got to watch BRP & Viva Hate but unfortunately had to leave before Zombie Ghost Train came on.

More pix on my website - http://www.psychotica.net/blackrosephantoms/Sept-08-2007.html

Tags: black rose phantoms, concert photos, concert pix, la
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