Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

next up at Safari Sam's - Viva Hate!

Next up was Viva Hate - I hadn't seen them since March when Greg had just joined to replace Mad Dog Chad and in that six months they've gone from really good to really solid & amazing. Damn they need to get signed & get a CD out there, at least they WILL be releasing something soon as Geoff told me that they are putting out a vinyl 7" on Halloween & knowing what collector vinyl geek junkies both Geoff and Matt are I'm betting they'll do something cool like colored vinyl etc :)

Geoff dedicated "Save Me" to me for coming so far to see them, I was really touched. He also have me a really cool present that they'd found while cleaning out some stuff, an extra unused silkscreened banner of the Tiger Army tiger bat that they'd made for the backdrops in the Cupid's Victim video years back - I was totally blown away by that!

Got lots of good pix, the lighting was nice enough to get some decent shots with available light & not be dependant on the flash :)

Even More pix at - http://www.vivahate.net/2007-EVB-SafariSams.html

Tags: concert photos, concert pix, geoff kresge, viva hate
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