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and headlining - Zombie Ghost Train!

Really really great set for ZGT at Safari Sam's - one of the best shows I'd caught on the tour & they got a strong crowd that was really into them & happily shouting out requests & singing along.

Afterwards we went over to their hotel & hung out until late when the front desk called & said everybody had to leave as we were being way too raucous...whoops! Stu's friends Dean and Gen had flown over from Australia for the last few shows & were staying with him & Stu told Dean to show me his tattoo - he turned around & pulled up his shirt & there in huge old English script it says "SISTINAS" - very very cool, its Dean's favorite song as well as mine. Stu laughed & said the first time I ever emailed him (must have been over 2 1/2 years ago when I was trying to find out how I could order a copy of the "Monster Formal Wear' EP) that he opened it thinking it was from Dean & when it wasn't he called him up & said "hey, some chick stole your email address". Just a funny weird bit of synchronity...

way more pix on my website - http://www.psychotica.net/zombieghosttrain/2007-SafariSams.html

Dean's tattoo -
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