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last night of the ZGT US Tour

So last Sunday was pretty crazy... I was supposed to meet ZGT at 1 PM as I'd invited them out to lunch, planned on taking them to Swinger's as I thought they'd enjoy it. Got back to their hotel & found they'd checked out & went to the front desk & Stu had left me a note saying that he didn't realize their tour manager Craig had a meeting & they had to leave for Anaheim (plus he couldn't find my phone #) & to please call this #. I did & it turned out to be Craig's cell & he put Stu on the line, they were en route to Anaheim to check in at their hotel & this time we'd all made reservations at the same one.

So caught up with them & hung out in the hotel for a bit, Stu was really beat & took a nap and Reckless, Dean & Gen and I went out shopping only to be severely disappointed to find that the huge halloween superstore down the road would open THE NEXT DAY. Grrr.... I hate to think how much they lost in potential sales there...

At Michael's craft shop Reckless found a bizarre little ghoulish screaming figure (press his tummy and it shrieks and his eyes light up red) with bright purple fake fur hair that's sort of an undead version of those old troll dolls & it became the center of many jokes, especially as he kept restyling the hair in imitation of various celebrities ("look its Jerry Only! Dave Vanian! Jimmy Neutron!")

The Juke Joint is a tiny club but very friendly, I'd been there once before following Hootenanney last year to see Eric's band The Henchmen. A couple of rockabilly bands opened & they all seemed to do Misfits covers - one did Hybrid Moments, another did Skulls. The Triggers were pretty good. ZGT came on last & did a great show if somewhat chaotic... I think some of the gals thought they'd take their clothes off as they tried stuffing dollar bills down their clothes (nice try!) and startled Reckless who was caught off guard & didn't know what was going on at first...

Afterwards we hung out until the wee hours.... many drinks were consumed and many photos taken. It was great to see James Meza from Tiger Army there & see first hand how he's gotten the nickname "Wasted James" LOL! He's best friends with the bartender there & ended up serving us quite a bit (well just diet cokes here - I was the designated driver and don't drink anyhow...) There was a pretty serious shot contest involving way too much Crown Royal and 3 drummers with Jared (ZGT), Wasted James & Andy DeMize from the Nekromantix.

We hung out most of the night, finally left at nearly quarter to five in the morning & I brought Stu back to the hotel & said goodbye - I am gonna miss him something fierce & really treasure his friendship (as well as Reckless!) Those guys took good care of me and turned what probably would have been the most depressing weekend of my life into one where I was able to forget things & enjoy myself, they are really special :) Gotta get my shit in gear & get that passport!

even more pix on my website -


Captain reckless shopping in Target as he considers a career at In N' Out Burger

his new friend

at the show -

Reckless earns tips...

After the show....

Stu with Wasted James Meza & Ozzy and Grimm from the Black Rose Phantoms

Captain Reckless & Jared with some girls

Stu joins in..

ZGT with Wasted James & Andy Demize (drummer for Nekromantix & The Rocketz)

Capt Reckless & James

with Craig the tour manager -

Reckless & his new buddy -

ZGT posing with the bartender -

and with Yours truly -

At some point during the shot drinking contest...

Stu on the bar-

crazy Stu :)
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