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Rock and Roll History...and I was there!!

The Misfits (who have since achieved legendary status as one of the seminal punk bands of all time) broke up immediately following their show on Halloween of 1983 in Detroit when Glenn Danzig promptly announced it was over.... he hasn't shared the stage with any of their former members in over 21 years...until last night and I was there in the front row : )

While bassist Jerry Only sued Glenn for the rights to the name and "reformed" into basically a Misfits cover band in 1996 with rotating used punk rock musicians, Glenn has always steered clear of them due to the bad blood between him & Jerry. Even Jerry's brother Doyle tired of the Misfits reunion gigs a while back and quit so I was pretty stunned to hear a few months back that they were planning 2 (expanded to 3) Danzig shows where Doyle would join Glenn on stage and do a set of Misfits songs. Now mind you I'm a ***HUGE*** Danzig fan and have now seen him 81 times in concert and up until last night I'd never heard him play ONE Misfits song live so I immediately made plans and flew out here yesterday to Las Vegas for the show at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Got in yesterday & checked in, met in with a bunch of folks who posted to the old 7th House Danzig message board befire Devilman138 (Mauricio) shut it down abruptly last week. Always great to travel and connect with fellow fans and not feel so alone : ) Ran into a guy I've met a few times at Tiger Army shows in LA & he gave me a disposoible caera, we were determined that SOMEBODY would get a camera in & document this historic event - as it turns out they didn't even search us & I regret not bringing the mini Nikon digital but hopefully I'll have gotten a few decent shots!

There were 3 opening bands - Eyes of Fire, Bleeding Through and As I Lay Dying. Bleeding Through was easily the best & got the best response from the crowd that was largely apathic to the other two. Brandon said "it is a GREAT GREAT honor to share the stage tonight with you-know-who" - I know he's a HUGE fan, he's even got the Crimosn Ghost tattooed on one of his forearms. Delighted to see little Dustin from Tiger Army working for bleeding through - he spotted me & waved & I waved back (hope he got his Xmas card OK!)

Then the big horned skull backdrop was raised, and Danzig took the stage. Glen was wearing a black sleeveless shirt & black jeans (newish pair this time!) and had his old leather jacket on for the 1st few songs & of course his belt with that huge skull belt buckle. He looks damn fine for a 49 year old fella!

They did a Danzig set first, mainly newer material from the last 3 albums -

Intro - Wotan's Procession
Skin Carver
Satan's Child
I Luciferi
Black Mass
Circle of Snakes
1000 devils Reign
How the Gods Kill
Her Black Wings
Its Coming Down
Skull Forrest (spelled Forest on set list)

Then they went offstage & came back with Doyle and ripped into a set of old Misfits classics:

20 Eyes
Mommy, Can I go Out & Kill Tonight
Earth AD
We Are 138

Then off again, and back for a few more Danzig songs -

Until You Call On the Dark
Twist of Cain

Then back for an encore of the Danzig song -
Do You Wear the Mark

Then back with Doyle for 2 more - at first they wanted the audience to choose between them but they ended up doing both!
Devils Whorehouse

Wow wow wow... Ran into Maurice after the show, good to see him & his wife, haven't seen them since 1998 when I was out in LA with Pat Briggs, hopefully will get a chance to stop by his place on New Years eve. Right now I'm in the Las Vegas airport waiting to fly to LA to do it all again tonight at the Key Club and tomorrow at the Wiltern. I'm a happy camper!
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