Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

teaching my cell phone new tricks :)

many thanks to Chris who told me to pick up a USB cable ($4.95 + shipping on ebay) & download the Bit Pim program & now I can make my own ringtones for free! I'm happy to report that my phone now can play excerpts of -

"Last Caress" by the Misfits
"Days of the Phoenix" by AFI
"R.I.P." by Zombie Ghost Train
"Walk Away" by the Sisters of Mercy
+ the theme song to the TV show Angel (by Darling Violetta)

Much better selection now & I don't have to pay Verizon $1.99 a tone - YAY!

On a frustrated note, the evil black cat is back. The other night Paula was up late & was sitting on the bench on the balcony with Spooky & then when she went in he was grumpy & refused to come in. A bit later (while I was sound asleep) she heard a huge racket & found him fighting with the black cat & they knocked over & smashed several flowerpots aned poor old Spooks was covered in dirt & mud.

I took Spooky to the vet the next morning as one of his ears was ripped up at the base & the poor fellow has to go on antibiotics for a while, also have to keep an eye on him in case he has any other bites under his heavy fur coat that the vet couldn't find as if they close up they could absess & need to be opened & drained.

I really need to call animal control to remove that guy....
Tags: cell phone fun
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