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I spend way too much time in airports....

Back again at BWI waiting for a flight to SoCal like I did two weeks ago, at least this time I hope no one will call with news of any deaths. Its been rough going emotionally the last week, I'm just glad to be out of the house and to have a lot of short trips lined up to give me things to look forward to and hopefully things will hurt less as I go on but I really really miss Judy. It still doesn't seem real.

Anyway off to the first two shows on Tiger Army's fall headlining "Razor's Kiss" tour - I'll land in LA tonight & pick up the rental car & drive to Ventura and then I can sleep as late as I want tomorrow. Sleep is the ultimate luxury and I've had so little of it, I kept waking up last night and had trouble drifting off as I have had so often lately. At least I have the shows to look forward to & hanging our with Mary and Alex and Rachel at the Saturday show in Anaheim & hope to get some good pix (many thanks for TA's manager once again for setting up the passes) Brought copies of the pix I took at the last few Warped shows I saw for the guys & Nutter Butter cookies for James as he told me they are his favorite thing in the world :)

I almost feel like I commute to LA... I really should start looking to see if there are any government jobs in LA or OC I could get & transfer at the same salary & keep all my benefits. It seems like everything I want to see/do is out there as well as most of my friends.

I missed getting tix for the secret Despair Faction only show AFI is doing at the Troubador Oct 2 so I guess that us one less plane ticket I need to worry about. Damn that would have been cool tho, that place is TINY, such a far cry from the arenas I last saw them in.

It's just weird being here two weeks to the day later. Like coming full circle. I feel like a lot is changing, got a bizarrely mega tarot card reading fulla major major cards (Lovers/Judgement/The Fool/The Hanged Man) that indicates massive change. One door closes, another opens. I've never seen the two of cups before; maybe there is hope for me yet.
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