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A friend of mine out in LA that I ran into over the weekend offered to sell me her extra ticket to see AFI at the Troubador in West Hollywood next Tuesday so off I will go again (leave very early that morning & comeback the next day, glad I found nonstop flights), I know I'm completely crazy but I can't resist seeing them in such a tiny club - the only time i was ever there was for Viva Hate's first show and the place is TINY (about the size of the old 9:30) but it will be amazing, especially since the lasy few times I saw AFI they've been in arenas or armories. I haven't seem them since last November as I missed the Ohio shows last winter.... its been too long.

Incredible enough that in October I will see my 3 favorite bands (Tiger Army, AFI & Danzig). Now i don't feel so bad about missing Blaqk Audio (even tho I have NO regrets on passing them for ZGT - no not at ALL!)
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