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"she looked like the love child of Alice Cooper and Elvira"

I have apparently inspired some comedian's stand up routine; or at least a good friend of mine who was listening to XM radio this afternoon seems to think ;)

She heard a comedian going on about Southwest Airlines and he went on about some lady he was sitting next to on a flight to Los Angeles (check!) covered in tattoos and said "I thought she said she was in the army but then she was talking about Tiger Army, apparently its a band, I guess they have a bunch of Tigers running around on stage" and "I didn't worry at all about terrorists because I figured she had a hex on the plane" and "she bent down to get something out of her bag & I thought she was going to take out a bat & bite the head off of it"

My friend's reaction "He's gotta be talking about LIZ!!!" I need to find out who does this :)

Hmmm maybe it was the really smart computer nerd guy I talked to all the way to LA a year back - he was pretty funny....
Tags: art imitates life
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