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I finally have my very own Winslow Leach doll!!!

A few years back Medicom (maker of amazing Japanese dolls, I have their Edward Scissorhands & Captain Jack Sparrow dolls, they also did the vinyl 3 faces of Danzig dolls) did a great 12" Phantom of the Paradise figure (in two variants actually, the "suicide" version & one armed wit a plunger!) I never could find one when I could afford it & they now routinely go for about $200 each on ebay.

This year they made a new version & I still couldn't afford it when I found one (the new ones started at $135 plus like $30 shipping from Asia), but tonight I got REALLY lucky, I found one that somebody had slightly customized & repainted as it had been defective, and you know those uber toy geeks don't want it if it ain't MINTY fresh in box so SCORE at only $71!!!!


Phantom of the Paradise has been one of my all time favorite movies since I was a kid - it's an early film directed by Brian DePalma and is a campy rock musical just as weird and wonderful as the Rocky Horror Picture Show of the same era although it frequently gets overlooked. Its a strange hybrid musical of Faust, the Phantom of the Opera and The Portrait of Dorian Gray starring Paul Williams as "Swan" (a rockstar who's sold his soul to the devil for fame & eternal youth). Poor Winslow is an unlucky songwriter who's cantata based on the legend of Faust Swan intends to steal who nearly gets killed in a vinyl press and re-invents himself as the Phantom haunting Swan's new uber rock palace the Paradise. I can't recommend it highly enough and the soundtrack is amazing, I'd just love to hear a band these days do a cover of "The Hell of It" (somehow I keep imagining My Chemical Romance doing it...)

In another splurge today I picked up a pair of the Bose Triport earbud headphones for my iPod and OMG they are just amazing & IMHO worth the $$$. I'm hearing things in songs I've listened to hundreds of times that I never could hear before and they have great bass reporduction.

Probably good to get out, Paula & I did some shopping & then had a really nice lunch at Longhorn tho it was hard not to cry. Its when I do these really every day average things that I miss Judy the most as she was always there. We used to go out every weekend & have a nice lunch in one of our favorite restaurants, it was hard to walk in without her :(

my new doll-

Winslow Leach as the Phantom-

Gerrit Graham as Beef who makes Gary Glitter & Jobriath look straight...

And above, Paul Williams as Swan
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