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AFI at the Troubadour

So how could I possibly resist when offered a ticket to see AFI do a one off show in a tiny club in West Hollywood (holds about 500 people)?? Back when I saw Tiger Army at the Grove I ran into my friend Stacy - she asked if I was going to see AFI & I dejectedly told her I hadn't been able to get tickets. Well, the friend she'd gotten one forwasn't able to make it so she offered me her extra & I was overjoyed as seeing them in such a tiny place was a once ina lifetime kinda thing!

So off once again leaving early in the AM & caught up with my friend Stacy in line, had lots of fun hanging out with fellow Despair faction members, many of whom I've met many times before at other shows. And met some very cool folks including Logan who'd flown in from Idaho & was buzzing withe excitement over finally getting to see AFI and Ally from Australia who'd come over for 7 Blaqk Audio shows & had the amazing luck of stillbeing here when the AFI show was announced! She had one of the most amazing AFI sleeve tattoos I've ever seen with beautiful color.

We got great spots on the rail over to Hunter's side, I was able to bring in my little digital so while these pix aren't too good (SOOO frustrating to not be able to control the shutter speed or focus, I am so spoiled from my D200) they are better than nothing.

They had a few surprizes - I believe this was the first time that AFI Has ever played "The Interview" and "..But Home is Nowhere" love. I also got to finally hear them play "Ziggy Stardust" and "Malleus Maleficarum" and for an encore they played a real oldie, "Brownie Bottom Sundae" with a nod to Geoff Kresge who was up in the balcony with Kamilla and Matt Wedgley & Davey gave a shout out to Viva Hate! (My one disappointment of the night was not being able to find Geoff and Kamilla and Matt after the show & say hello but at least I have some new Viva Hate dates & it looks like they'll at least be coming as far as Cleveland and PA in November - yay Agora here I come!) Also ran into my friend Kristen - her room mate's boyfriend is now working as Jade's guitar tech sothey were able to get on the guest list & also found Mike who'd crashed at my place over the summer when Moz cancelled in Baltimore!

Sooooo tired now, hope to get some sleep tonight since tomorrow morning I'll be flying down to Tampa for the 3 Tiger Army shows in Florida this weekend! Talk about a crazy schedule! Looks like my life will be pretty nuts until Thanksgiving which is good, I think right now keeping busy is the best thing I can do.

set list:
Prelude 12/21
Girl's Not Grey
Kill Caustic
Malleus Malificarum (FINALLY got to hear this live!)
Summer Shudder
Silver And Cold
The Killing Lights
Dancing Through Sunday
The Boy Who Destroyed The World
The Interview (first time ever played live!!!)
Death Of Seasons
Ziggy Stardust
...But Home is Nowhere (I think this was a first too!)
The Days Of The Phoenix
Love Like Winter

Brownie Bottom Sundae
Miss Murder

The Despair Faction en masse

Ally had come all the way from Australia & had the most amazing tattoos

Mark found some guitar strings

Somebody driving by thought this meant there had been a fire in the building...


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