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Florida trip - part 1 - St Petersburg

Last Friday my friend Jennifer & I hopped a Southwest flight on down to Tampa, picked up our rental car, had a great lunch at Chilis, checked into LaQuinta and headed over to the State Theater to catch Tiger Army. We ran into Nick 13 walking around before the show & I gave him some prints + CDs I'd brought for TA from the Anaheim and Ventura shows & told him the story of Jared's tattoo & how much his music had helped somebody out in their darkest hours & he seemed pretty pleased about that.

Ran into Dragana who I'd met in early 2004 at an AFI show in Ft Myers & she is doing great tho she much misses her twin sister Ivana who moved to Chicago. (They are identical twins & even have matching AFI heartbat tattoos!) Also heard a voice saying "weren't you at the Troubadour the other night?" and it was Jeska from the Despair Faction who'd also made it out there for AFI! We'd run into her again in Ft Lauderdale & St Petersburg!

Aside from Mike of the Street Dogs pouring beer over the front row which unfortunately got into my eyes we hada great time! TA had a few sound problems like when the crowdsurfer landed on stage & accidentally unplugged the mike but otherwise all was great.

Lot of pix on my website -


Pix from show -

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