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Pt 3 - Tiger Army in Ft Lauderdale

Leaving the Dali musum we drove down the western coast & across "Alligator Alley" (no gators in sight tho, drat!) to Ft Lauderdale, checked into Days Inn & headed down to the Revolution.

I'd seen Tiger Army there once in October of 2004 opening for Social Distortion on one of those nights lots went wrong (outdoor venue hit by storm/power knocked out=no sound=Social D do impromptu s acoutsic set); as it was raining again I was VERY relieved to find that the revolution ALSO had an indoors and TA would be inside.

The sound was so-so but the lighting was phenomenal and I got some great pix tho I nearly had a small heart attack right before TA came on.... I'd taken some pix of Static Age & everything was good... then before TA comes on I reach into my camera bag, pull out the camera & realize to my horror the protective UV lens filter is CRACKED and wedged so tight I can't get it off the lens. I have no idera what happened, I'd cleaned it before going into the venue & screwed it on & certainly it wasn't tight then, I can only guess it had somehow been bumped and jammed. I about panicked as I visualized missing my chance at some great shots & hated that thought so much I got out a key & carefully broke the cracked glass off the filter (in the dark club!) and pulled the broken glass out leaving just the rim. I am so relieved I was able to do that successfully without scratching the pricey 18-200mm DX VR zoom below... I hope I NEVER have to try this again, needless to say when I got home the first thing I did was run out and buy a replacement filter!

I think its still the curse of the South Florida shows for Liz!

Lots of pix on my website here -


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