Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Florida trip Pt 4 - On wards to Orlando!

From Ft Lauderdale we drove up to Orlando, this time splurged & got a room at the Marriott Courtyard which was very nice, damn I love those Marriott beds, even the most sleep deprived can rest peacefully in them! And it was only a couple of blocks to the venue, "Club Firestone" which is up the street from the Social where I saw TA on the Punks Vs. Psychos tour in Spring of 2004.

Met up with Jeska again in line and ger friend "FortuneFox", hung out with them most of the night & afterwards we went to Dennys which was out of nearly everything, especially Boca Burgers to the disappointment of all the vegetarians in the group. The Static Age walked in & left when we told them they were out of Boca Burgers.

Took lots of pix but they are only so-so - the club was very dark and the stage was about as high as I was so I could barely see Jeff or James (especially couldn't see jeff after the 6 foot something dude squeezed in to my left) and so I mainly have pix looking straight up at Nick....

Pix on my website -


Mike's tattoo -

Tags: concert photos, concert pix, florida, tiger army
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