Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

coming up....

probably way too much, I NEED SLEEP

This afternoon - stopping by at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda where GRENDEL writer/artist Matt Wagner is one of the guests, am hoping that Dark Horse will have a few copies of "The Art of Grendel" for sale. I think Matt thinks I'm a bit of a nut because of the big Grendel tattoo but at least he's always been cool to me.

Tonight - Tiger Army at the Black Cat in DC - YAY!! And delivering like 20 dozen cookies to TA, Street Dogs & Static Age :) (Peanut butter, chocolate chip, vegan chocolate maple, vegan cinnamon raisin)

Tomorrow - Tiger Army in Philadelphia at the TLA

Tuesday - Tiger Army at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA

thankfully I am doing NOTHING next weekend and hope to SLEEP and maybe paint some stuff to sell to raise some spending $$


Tues Oct 23 - Danzig @ Ram's Head in Baltimore
Saturday Oct 27 - road trip to see Balzac at the Starland Ballroom in Jersey
Tues Oct 30 - Fly from BWI to oakland and drive to Santa Cruz
Wed Oct 31 Halloween!!! Tiger Army in Santa Carla, I mean Cruz
Thurs Nov 1 - fly to Anaheim to see Danzig & the Horrorpops
Fri Nov 2 - fly back to Norcal & drive to Chico for more Tiger Army
Sat Nov 3 - Tiger Army in Reno, NV
Sun Nov 4 - Tiger Army in San Francico at the Fillmore
Mon Nov 5 - fly home
Sat Nov 10 - drive to Cleveland to catch Viva Hate at the Agora with Sick of it All
Sun Nov 11- drive to Kingston PA(near Wilkes barre) for more Viva Hate
Mon Nov 12 - The Cult @ Ram's Head in Baltimore
Thurs Nov 15 - fly back to LA
Fri Nov 16 - Tiger Army, Street Dogs, Imperative Reaction @ the Wiltern
Sat Nov 17 - Tiger Army, Said Radio & the Guana Batz @ the Wiltern
Sun Nov 18 - fly to Phoenix for last Tiger Army Show
Mon Nov 19 - fly home
Tues Nov 20 - VNV Nation at the Recher Theater in Towson

I think that is it for a while.... I need to catch up on sleep & make some extra $$$! I have NOTHING on my calendar for December aside from a trip to the dentist! I am dreading the holidays tho & am going to try find a nice restaurant that Paula and I can go to for Thanksgiving (as sadly we can't cook worth beans)

Meanwhile... trying to fend off depression, its still hard being in the apartment without Judy there but but Paula and I are trying our best, she's been doing some amazing work on her kimokomi dolls ...I'm coping the best way I know how, by keeping so busy I don't have time to stop. Hearing from both Stu & Captain Reckless made my week and the Captain sez they'll "be back soon" so perhaps they are scheming something :) I miss them so much!
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