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devil by the deed indeed

On my way down to the Tiger Army show on Friday I stopped off at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda - didn't have a lot of time but wanted to see Grendel artist Matt Wagner & lucky for me he has a few copies of the wonderful new doorstop sized "ART OF GRENDEL" hardcover so I was able to get one directly from him and he did a very cool sketch of Argent the werewolf inside for me, remembering that Argent is my favorite character from the series :) He also signed my Grendel Archives hardcover & did a quick sketch of Hunter Rose in that one so Liz was a very happy girl indeed!

The book is gorgeous & worth the long wait. There are many incredible unpublished pieces inside & a couple from my collection are in there (the Christine Sparr cover I got at the Baltimore comic con & the big Pander Brothers splash page of Argent)

Tags: comic art, comics, grendel, lizstuff, matt wagner
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