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Tiger Army in DC at the Black Cat October 12th!

From the Small Press expo I picked Paula up after work & we headed downtown, found parking right in front of the Black Cat & got some Chinese food nearby, also explored a very cool card shop nearby where I got a very silly but appropriate present to send the ZGT guys :)

Watched Nick 13 circle the block twice and not get noticed at all by the other folks in line & wave discreetly so as not to call attention to him after he saw us and smiled & waved. So funny how he can go right by & not get seen - its that invisibility cloak =)

The night before Paula and I had spent all evening baking like 20 dozen cookies for the 3 bands (chocolate chip, peanut butter, vegan cinnamon apple raisin and vegan chocolate maple) and I drafted Tobey from the street Dogs to come out to my car & carry them in for everybody but they were obviously very much enjoyed as we got many thanks later in the night (and the next day)

The show was loads of fun, especially packed in there with NO BARRIER so close up, got many pix, still have to go thru the ones of Static Age & the Street Dogs but here are some TA (will post more on my website very soon!)

Nick gave a shout out to artist extroidinaire Linas Garsys who's designed many of their T shirt designs, wish I would have spotted him as I am a big fan (and collector) of his work, in fact have 2 tattoos done from his drawings.

Here's the setlist - for an encore they did Nocturnal, Ghostfire & Never Die

Isn't this tattoo cool??? spotted at the DC show -

Ink by Mandi Madcat
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