Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

road trip to Philadelphia October 13th!

Saturday I was sooo beat I had trouble getting outr of bed (the Black Cat show ran late, I'd gotten home about 2 AM) but managed to drag my carcass up to Chris' pad by about 1PM & we set off for Philly & picked up his friend Lynette at her apartment. She lives in West Philly near U Penn and was nice enough to let us crash for the night which was a big help! And happily she also enjoyed the show, never having heard Tiger Army before.

from there we headed down to South Street & got in line and they held my spot while I did a cheesesteak run to Jim's Steaks (yay!) as I'd been dreaming about them since our last Philly trip. Its tough to be an expatriot!

Its been YEARS since I'd been to the TLA (Theater of the Living Arts) - 12 to be exact, as the last show I'd seen there was Marilyn Manson in 95 (my 2nd Manson show!). When I was in high school & college it was a movie theater & I used to go there almost daily to see art films, cult films & stuff like theRocky Horror Show (complete with dressed fans acting it out every Friday & Saturday) and all of John Waters' films. So the place holds a lot of memories for me. Its been cleaned & spiffed up inside compared to how grungy it used to be (you could watch movies & feel things crawling up your legs...) and is now part of the "Fillmore" chain. I'm not sure what I think of chains of venues tho... I wish they all had their own identities like the Black Cat or the Ottobar...

I was very very happy to see Donny join the tour & bring his steel guitar!!!! So for the first time this tour Tiger Army was able to play some of their country styled songs & did both "In the Orchard" and "where the Moss Slowly Grows" which were just incredible.

Nick dedicated "where the Moss Slowly Grows" to his friend who had died that he wrote it for & when he introduced it he said "Follow your dreams and good things will come to you" which I think is a beautiful philosophy & certainly what I would like to believe (I certainly do my best to follow my own dreams and very much hope more good things will follow!)

Really really good show, so happy to hear those songs with the steel guitar, hope Donny will be on the rest of the tour :)

Afterwards we grabbed some food at the South Street diner & then back to Lynnette's - got some good surrogate cat attention from her lovely little tortishelle who kept us company & slept besides me much ofthe night (until she felt it was time to play and bounced her toy mouse off Chriss' head at 6:45 AM!) And the next morning we had a very nice sunday brunch in a cool little bistro nearby. Then drove back & crashed out, I am sooooo tired!


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