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start of the Danzig tour last night in Baltimore

I caught the first show of the Danzig tour last night at Rams Head Live In Baltimore - drove up with scarydavedc (passed on I-95 by a pickup with the Danzig skull & Crimson Ghost stickers on the back who honked & gave us the "horns") and got to the venue around 4 PM - as there was nobody there we grabbed a bite at the Rams Head Tavern tho I had to bail on finishing my fries when some scarygothchick walked in wearing a gallon of patchouli and my asthma seized up. And according to Scary Dave it's a good thing I ran out as soon as I did as she then lit up a clove cigarette - ouch damn gothette, I'll be SOOOOO happy when the no smoking ordinance goes into effect in Baltimore in 2008 (tho it still won't save me from perfume - NOBODY should be wearing so much it makes people physically ill who are 15 feet away!)

Joined my friend Chris in line and were shortly met by Radu from Dead Rites and briefly got to say hi to saintangelsin. Enjoyed hearing the soundcheck & peering thru the crack in the door as they did "How the Gods Kill" and "Crawl Across your Killing Floor" among others.

Grabbed great spots on the rail right in front of where Steve Zing would be & met a very cool fellow named Gein who is in the bands Gein and The Graverobbers and surf punk Misfits tribute band The Crimson Ghosts who was roadtripping down from Massachusetts for a few shows. He has a VERY nice half sleeve of Misfits & Danzig related ink in black & white & recognized my Danzig armband from the web which is why he came over to talk to me - then when he mentioned he was on the Danzig tribute CD I promptly introduced him to Radu who put it together - small world time!

First up was Suicide City previously unannounced. The show ran late enough as is, they certainly didn't need a 4th band. They were chaotic & while they'd spent lots of time & effort on their outfits, makeup & stage moves their songs were unmemorable and vocals hard to make out. Admittedly the guitarist who looked like Pete Petrelli did an impressive cartwheel while playing and I've not seen THAT before. They were all over the map in search of a style (Best quote of the night "who's watching the Hot Topic while they are onstage?") The rockslut bassist orgasmically humped her instrument with a look of "I wanna be on Headbangers Ball so bad it hurts" while the singer did his best impression of Jimmy Urine from MSI. Only halfway decent song was a cover of the Cure's "Burn" from the Crow Soundtrack which momentarily got the audience's attention & they also seemed more focused on actually playing it. A for effort, C- for their original material.

Then was Doomriders - exact opposite here, excellent musicianship in the sort of bluesy hard rock that would appeal to fans of the first few Danzig albums or maybe the Cult, desperately need a better singer & some stage presence. Clean T shirts would even help. I'd seen them last December opening for Danzig at Starland & they aren't a bad opener (but would rather the Horrorpops were here too!)

Doyle's new band Gorgeous Frankenstein were next and sadly were embarrassingly bad - what a train wreck. They apparently sacked the singer on the album (a guy named Landon I'd met back at that first Danzig/Doyle show in Vegas) right before the tour so the bass player (Argyle Goolsby from Blitzkid) was trying to play & sing thru one of those little Madonna type headsets & they had a lot of problems with the vocals going out (the vocals were also buried in the mix to begin with), meanwhile Doyle's wife spent the set pole dancing and writhing around on stage grabbing her crotch & playing with herself - its was sleazy and embarrassing to watch, I mean if I wanted to see something like that (which I'd rather not) I'd have gone to a titty bar instead, pretty sad when a band has to resort to such cheap tactics to draw attention away from their shortcomings.

Danzig were great but unfortunately the techs hadn't marked the edge of the stage & Glenn fell off & dislocated his shoulder so for the 2nd half of the set he was in considerable pain & while he'd been in a really good mood & looser and more relaxed than usual he was much tenser after that but at least finished the set & they did 2 songs for an encore. Steve Zing is back on bass (we were parked right in front of Zing on the barricade) with Todd Youth returning on guitar along with the drummer from his band Chelsea Smiles so the band was good & tight. Unfortunately the venue had billed that they'd be "playing classic Misfits and Danzig songs" so many of the crowd felt they were owed a Misfits set & it got kinda ugly with people chanting "Bullshit" for about 5 mins after the encore (for all I know maybe they planned it originally but couldn't because of Glenn's shoulder, I give him credit for finishing the set) :(

Danzig's set list - not quite in order
Wotan's Procession (intro)
Skin Carver
Circle of Snakes
Black Mass
I Luciferi
Satan's Crucifixion
Brand New God
Bringer of Death
How the Gods Kill
Do You Wear the Mark
Her Black Wings
Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
Lady Lucifera
Twist of Cain

Dirty Black Summer
She Rides

Looking forward to see Danzig & the Horrorpops in Anaheim at the Grove. Not looking forward to having to sit thru GF & their low rent Pamela Anderson again.

Danzig has some cool new merch - there is a Tour shirt with the Simon Bisley "Lost Tracks" painting on the cover & on the back the tour cities are listed with "Three Weeks of Halloween" above; there is also a beautiful long sleeve thermal with the Michael Kaluta "Black Aria" cover in off white line drawing on a black thermal. As I didn't havethe $$ for both I opted for the thermal and hope to pick up the tour shirt in Anaheim.

Nice to see Glenn spot me, at one point he leaned WAAAAY over the stage (even AFTER he's fallen!) to reach out and touch my hand - as we are both short with me reaching as far as I could we could just brush fingertips. Damn I miss the old days hanging out with him all the time something fierce. Sigh...that tattoo just sums it all up - the Danzig skull entwined with red roses & cobwebs. Still waters run deep. I haven't had a chance to talk to him in almost four years now & I knew last night there would be NO chance. So much has happened in those four years though (oddly enough about 3 days after the last time we spoke was when I first met Nick 13 & Geoff Kresge which puts a lot into perspective as to how long its been and how much has happened since)
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