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The rules are simple. Just create a post about a few things that have made you happy recently. Then tag 8 people and have them post this meme on their journals. Keep the happiness going please

1) seeing Danzig in Baltimore the other night (first Danzig show in Baltimore in 4 years!!) & having fun hanging out with my friends scarydavedc, Chris & Radu, meeting Gein and at least getting a chance to say "hi" to saintangelsin

2) Going to the AFI Silver Theater tonite to see F. W. Murnau's "Nosferatu" with live music accompaniment

3) Roadtripping on up to New Jersey tomorrow to see Balzac for the first time

4) Leaving for northern California after work Tuesday to catch Tiger Army on Halloween (after getting a chance to catch quite a few TA shows already over the last few weeks!) plus even more TA shows as well as seeing Danzig and the Horrorpops!

5) Followed the weekend after by a Viva Hate road trip

6) and got my ticket to see The Cult! Ian Astbury ----SWOON!

7) Realizing that there's a big Camille Rose Garcia show at the Merry Karnowsky gallery I can catch when I am next in LA as I love her paintings and have never seen any of her work in person

8) Getting emails last week from 2 close friends I've been sadly out of touch with for several years (Adrian and Severina) and a phone call from spyderbaby

This things has been around more times than I can count. As a result, I am tagging the first 8 people to read this that haven't done this meme yet (You know who you are). Remember: When in doubt, fill it out!
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