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Atom Age Vampire in 308!

Whatever the hell that means, but it prolly sounds cool to the Japanese :)

Anyhow on Saturday my friend Chris and I road tripped on up to New Jersey back to the Starland Ballroom to catch Japan's answer to the Misfits, BALZAC, easily one of the top horrorpunk bands out there. Chris is a HUGE Balzac fan - his Balzac collection is about as fanatical as my Misfits, AFI & Tiger Army collections... one look at his & I know I’d never dare start even tho I do enjoy them (and would still like to get a skull bat toy...) We brought lots of $$ hoping for cool merch but found out that everything was held up in customs so there was none to be had :( We drowned out sorrows by shopping the next morning at Vintage Vinyl where at least I scored a copy of the Lost Tracks of Danzig with the recalled "Groovy font" cover at issue price - wheee!

Our timing was great - we arrived at the Starland just in time to spot singer Hirosuke walking through the parking lot & he spotted Chris & immediately remembered him from 2 years ago & came over to say hello, made Chris' week!

The show was tons of fun, they have amazing energy & put on a great performance. I took tons of pix & posted a bunch on my website - http://www.psychotica.net/balzac/

And some to give you the idea:

Chris (left) found some fiends in matching outfits-

The Baltimore chapter of Balzac central (a/k/a Chris' pad)

Openers Johnny B. Morbid who were LOTS better than when I saw them a few months ago opening for Dead Rites at Dingbatz. This time I even picked up a CD.

Next up were the Zombie Mafia who I'd seen opening for Zombie Ghost Train in Asbury Park back in August - enjoy them, think their singer Kaan has an awesome voice in the "Danzig tradition"

Then time for BALZAC -

only the Japanese would bow at the end of their set :)

After they finished we went outside to avoid hearing Jerry Lonely's Newfits. At the end of the night all of Balzac came out to hand out flyers, sign autographs (got the limited book of "Deep Blue: Chaos from Darkism: signed by all) & pose for photos - they are the absolute nicest guys even if they barely speak any English they make up for it by being very outgoing & enthusiastic, Chris posed with them -

Some cool fans we met
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