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In Santa Carla....

the Tiger Army Halloween show at the Catalyst was a blast - I had no idea Santa Cuz was such a party town for All Hallows - the downtown area was blocked off to cars & there were TONS of folks walking around in costume all day (and after the show walking out of the club was akin to walking into Times Square on New Years Eve except everybody was costumed - many pix to come!!

Love Equals Death & Street Dogs first, then Tiger Army - Nick was in an especially great mood & said that many friends & family from the bay & Ukiah were there & dedicated songs to them & long time fans from Santa Cruz who've always supported them & the psychobilly scene.

Best quote of the night when a bunch of chicks were fighting to the side & the band stopped to make sure everybody was OK & Nick said "Don't fight ladies, there's plenty of Tiger Army to go around" and then they went into "Trance".

For an encore they did "Where the Moss Slowly Grows", "Never Die" and "Annabelle Lee" - before "Never Die" Nick gave a little spiel on the background of Halloween and how the Xtians have stolen all the old holidays from older religions and that traditionally in was the time when the veil between our word & the spirit world was the thinnest (i.e. Samhain) - go Nick! Also nice when he introduced "Santa Carla Twilight" with "this is a song about this place" & later called the town Santa Carla instead of Cruz ala Lost Boys!


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