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Danzig at the Grove in Anaheim November 1 2007

Love the venue, had such a blast seeing Tiger Army there a few weeks back I knew it would be a great place to see Danzig so we flew down from San Jose the morning after Halloween and rented a car (nice Pontiac G6 - the envelope the keys were in even said "COOL CAR") & met up with Mary & Blivvy and got in line early. When the doors open we got spots right on the rail on Steve Zing's side.

Saw Suicide City again, even if their musc isn't very memorable at least they are fun to watch bounce around. Gorgeous Frankenstein was as dreadful as before but I took Mary's advice "keep your eyes on the Goolsby" & just watched him to try and avoid having my retinas burned by Doyle's skanky wife (who wasn't using the stripper pole much as it looked pretty unsteady & was rocking back & forth.

Horrorpops were up next - they got VERY little reaction from the crowd, I was one of the only people bopping out & singing along up front. Weird seeing them without Geoff and Kamilla and Naomi - the two 2 girls are using the EXACT same moves on stage but with almost no props (just little fans at the beginning that said Horrorpops on them) - one gal is trying very hard to have one of Kamilla's better known hairdos..its kinda weird, hopefully they'll develop more of their own personalities. Set was too pretty short :(

Danzig were great, even tho Glenn had his arm in a sling because of his broken shoulder he still moved around plenty tho you could see he was frustrated by it. But otherwise he seemed to be in a great mood, even slightly silly at times like when he knelt on that little platform in the middle & instead of "giving the horns" tried to do so by holding both hands together & sticking out both pinkie fingers (and having trouble with the arm in a sling so was laughing it off). To my amazement halfway thru the show right before he played "Her Black Wings" he carefully took the setlist off the monitor & came over & handed it right to me!!

For an encore they came back out & did "She Rides" & then Doyle joined them onstage & they did "Vampira", "We Bite", "Demonomania" and "Skulls" - soooo much better than the Baltimore show & the crowd went totally nuts!!

Afterwards Mary & Blivvy went back behind the Grove to the aftershow & had me come around & meet them, Steve Zing didn't have any extra passes but he offered to walk me in if I went around the other side...while I was walking around a guy coming out just handed me his so I told Steve I was OK!

Talked to Nekroman a bit & told him I was happy the Nekromanix were coming back so soon & I'd see him there, and talked a while to Devilman138 from the 7th house who's an old friend of mine (pre internet days!).

Then we walked over to where Glenn was signing stuff, he was telling security "I'm done, I'm not signing anything more" and then looked up & saw me and said "I'll sign that" and I thanked him for the setlist which he signed and told him its been too long. Finally got a chance to show him the big Danzig skull on my right sleeve...so many times I've seen kids show him there Danzig tattoos & he usually sayd "you'll regret that" (he's not realbig on tattoos & doesn't have that much ink) but he was pretty impressed & wanted to know who did it so I told him how Susan designed it after a photo D'Man took of the little platform he uses on stage with the snakes wrpped around the skull. Very very cool, gave him a hug (carefully with arm in sling) & got a picture with him (you can see he's turned to try and hide it LOL!) then he took off & I went & said hi to Todd, Karl and Steve (who was being very silly)

Sooooo glad I made it!


Liz & Todd Youth

Liz & Steve Zing who was being very silly

Glenn & fan
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