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last but grandest of the 3!

determined to get up front & since the Wiltern only gives out pit tickets I wanted to get in line early - about noon my friends & I went for breakfast at dennys & passed the Wiltern - there was one guy sitting out front, I started thinking "I gotta get in line,its started" and they tried to tell me he was just prolly a homeless guy... "But he's got a nice chair!" I said...

So after breakfast I joined him & it turned out gotten there about midnight the nightbefore and camped out - he was very cool! soon Rob (Staticage on the 7th house showed up & I had a GREAT afternoon just sitting there and talking to him all day, the next 7 hours flew by... I'd been penpals with Rob since the mid ninties in the days of Mark Kennedy's Misfits Bible mailing listand used to send him tons of photocopies for which he was very grateful and it was a blast to finally get to meet him (he's awfully cute too)

We were joined by so many folks from the 7th house board & Rob held a spot for Devilman138 in line, D-man got there late with his wife but we were all able to get down into the pit & got our spots, I was between the center & left of stage, Glenn definitely spotted me & kept coming over & several times leaned WAY off the side f the stage to reach out & touch our hands - I could JUST brush his fingertips if we both really leaned out!

Again Eyes of Fire, Bleeding Through and As I lay Dying opened, then Danzig - I am not remembering exactly the song order but it was the longest show, again they did Black Angel White Angel - I dearly love it and I was so happy to hear it live.

It was a really different energy than the Key Club which had been packed and intense, this was more a rock show on a majestic and grand scale - at one point a huge chunk of ceiling tile came sailing on to the stage and left a cloud of dust and Glenn commented about "bringing the house down". Again the crowd was going absolutely NUTS esp during the Misfits songs though since the pit size is limited it wasn't as brutal as the Key Club even tho there was still a lot of crowd surfing.
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