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some love from the Hate + ghostbusting

Road tripped on outto Cleveland on Saturday to catch up with Viva Hate at the ballroom of the Agora Theater where they were opening for Sick of It All - good to finally see them closer to the east coast (0nly 350 mile drive vs. flying cross country!!!) - SOIA's hardcore crowd didn't quite know what to make of them but afterwards a lot of kids came over to Geoff while my friend Chris and I were hanging out talking to him to tell him how much they loved VH so that is good!

They FINALLY have a CD out, even tho it is just a 4 song EP its good to have something to listen to when I'm not at a show! It's called "Hateful And Hollow" and the tracks are "Goodnight My Love", "Surprise", ""Save Me" and "Gods Lonely Man". Matt is going to see about getting Interpunk to sell it by mail, if not I've offered to take paypal over the website. Can't wait til they do a full length album, boy they need to get signed, I think they'd be perfect for Hellcat. Meanwhile Eric Razo(Viva Hate's guitarist) told me his other band the Henchmen just got signed to S.O.S., the same label that signed Zombie Ghost Train so looks like they are expanding from punk to cover more psychobilly :)

After the Cleveland show we snuck into the big darkened theater with flashlights & heard about the 3 ghosts that haunt the Agora (a fellow in an orange raincoat who hangs out in the balcony, a small girl & a prostitute who was strangled in the basement way back in its early history, apparently a cleaning lady also died falling out of the balcony) - I took a bunch of photos up towards the catwalk & in some shots there are nothing but in some are translucent round shapes everybody dubbed "orbs" but I certainly can't explain why they show up in some shots and not others as I used exactly the same settings & there was no crap on the lens. (gotta resize those pix)

Sunday was a long ass drive straight across upper Pennsylvania and 350 miles of trees to Kingston near Wilkes Barre where they played an all ages show run out of a little storefront, felt like I was back in high school with the bake sale as they were selling (tasty) 25 cent cupcakes & cheap sodas! Unfortunately Geoff's bass amp blew about 3 songs into the set, was afraid that was it but they managed to plug it into one of Down To Nothing's amps and finish the set so even if the sound wasn't the best it was still a fun show. Thankfully it was an early show as Chris & I had to book after they played to drive 200 miles back to my place so he could head to work monday - just glad I had veteran's day off so I could sleep in & rest up to see The Cult :)


this should totally be their new publicity shot ;) The other 3 were sitting on the sofa watching Creepshow so I said to Geoff "why don't you get on the sofa" not realizing he'd get ON it :)

here's Chris and Matt -

Liz and Matt -

Chris and Geoff -

Chris and Greg -

Adam pretending I am not taking his photo -
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