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And last weekend when I made it out to LA for the last few Tiger Army shows I managed to spend some time shopping & made it over to the Merry Karnowski gallery on La Brea to catch their current show of work by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Camille Rose Garcia. While her originals (at $3,000-$85,000) are way out of my range I at least was able to pick up some posters & postcards & the woman at the gallery was nice & said I was welcome to take photos :)

Very happy to finally get to see her work in person as so much is lost in reproduction, such as the fact that she hand applies lots of elements like glitter & metallic paints (which explains why the limited prints are so expensive...one of these days I will have one...)

Shown to right: "One Yellow Bird"

"Lighter Heads Heavy Hearts"

"Escape to Darlingtonia"

"You Will Be OK"

"Crossing The Rubicon"

"Twilight Forest Explosion"

"The Pain Collector (Processing Plant)"

Tags: art, camille rose garcia, juxtapoz, lowbrow art
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