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catching up with pix from that recent LA trip....Pt 1

Some photos from the Friday show at the Wiltern - The Wiltern BTW has the most retarded photo policy I've ever seen. Most venues will let you shoot from between the brricade and the stage for the first 3 songs (provided you have a photo pass). The Wiltern will only let you shoot those first three from a ramp BEHIND the pit and THEN you have to truck back to the manager's office so they can lock up your camera until right before the next band comes on so you spend half you night running back & forth & inevitably miss some of each set - grrr.

So at the Friday (Nov 16) show I shot lots of Imperative Reaction & then sat out the Street Dogs but got some so-so ones of Tiger Army (too far away & kinda dark). Returned the camera, got sorta close on the right & then kicked myself when Davey Havok ran onstage to sing "Incorporeal" and I could only try & get a few shitty pix of DXH with my point & shoot. Darn. At least I have really good pix of him from the last 2 times he sang with Tiger Army in 2004 & 2005. Ah well, better than nothing. Anyhow I found a video clip of it here: http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=DCC2AE7343E5AA94

Made a new friend at the show, Misery who was shooting for Buzznet - really nice gal who is also a very talented artist who used to be a professional comic artist who worked on stuff like "Men In Black" and "Vampire the Masquerade". You can check out her photos & art at miseryxchord.buzznet.com. Also met up with Alex & Rachel who had wonderful news - they are now officially engaged & the wedding will be next August & they asked me to be their photographer! I am so happy fo rthem, as they are such a perfect couple, those two are really like two halves of one being & I've never met two people who got along so well.

Hung out in the lobby during Street Dogs & ran into Geoff and Kamilla along with Wedge and Greg Utter & we posed for silly pictures. And Jeff Roffredo spotted me & came over & gave me a hug :)

TA had even more new shirts (!!!!) so got those & a really cool box set designed by artist Paul Frank with a copy of most recent CD, a nifty Tiger Army wallet, 3 TA guitar picks & some earplus! Mega swag!!!

Also got a pretty cool silkscreened gig poster sold by a guy outside the show who'd made them - soi maybe not official but definitely there AT the show (you usually see so many cool silkscreened prints AFTER the fact that were never anywhere near said show) & spotted proof positive that TA is getting big - a bunch of vendors selling cheesy bootleg T shirts!

Afterwards Alex & Rachel & Misery and I went down to Swingers (hoping to meet up with Louie Bones but he had to leave after the show - bummer! While waiting for a table my Zombie Ghost Train shirt was a hit with a group of visiting Australians who turned out to be a band called "Chasing Gravity" & very friendly folks so we talked to them for a while. Love that place!

Many more photos on my website here:

Liz & Viva Hate in the lobby-

Tiger Army -


Cool Paul Frank boxed set & wallet!

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