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and the last show of the tour....

So Sunday morning after the 2nd Witern show I crawled outta bed & hauled my butt to LAX and caught a short flight to Phoenix. The rental car gods smiled & I got a cute little PT Cruiser in metallic glitter black!

Headed over to the Marquee & ran into Daphne from Texas - I'd first met her 3 yrs ago on the Social D tour when I was down in Austin & keep running into her all over the place (most recently in San Antonio when I saw 12 Step Rebels & Zombie Ghost Train and at the Tiger Army show at the Grove in Anaheim). Great to see her again & got somepix of her stunning new "Ghostfire" tattoo (see below).

Imperative Reaction& the Street Dogs opened (have many pix of both I ned to resize!) and TA did a GREAT show, I knew it would be a good one with a good crowd as I'd seen them at the Marquee before in September 2006 which was the best show I'd seen that year. They also played "Ghosts of Memory" for the 2nd time ever :)

Afterwards I hung out for a while as I had to say goodbye to everybody - told the Street Dogs I'll see them soon as they are coming to the Ottobar Dec 19th (must bring Christmas cookies!) & got lotsa pix, managed to say goodbye to Jeff & James and told their tour manager Biggie to please say goodbye to Nick for me (he's been more scarce than usual & never comes out anymore)

Great ending to a great tour, can't believe they are starting up again in mid January but that will be fun as the Dear & Departed will be opening, unfortunately I'll only be able to make a few shows as I've exhausted my vacation days & need to rebuild them, plus i want to save up days for an overseas vacation - finally got my new passport in the mail - WOOT!
More photos here:


Tiger Army at the Marquee -

After the show:

my buddy Albert

Chip who did the Street Dog's merch - really nice guy!

Liz & the Street Dogs-

Imperative Reaction -

IR & Biggie (Tiger Army's tour manager fo rthe last few shows)

Biggie -

Setlist for the Marquee show-

My friend Daphne's gorgeous new tattoo-
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