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This looks like fun - MusInk festival!

Just found out about this last night when a poster on my message board copied this:

"I'm so excited to announce The First Annual Tattoo/Music Festival I'm
throwing in February, 2008!

MUSINK! (pronounced muze-ink, MUSIC+INK= MUSINK)

It's gonna be a 3 day festival of tattooing and live performances from 200 of the world's top tattooers, and some rockin' bands! We just started putting this together, and can't wait to have everyone come down and get tattooed, watch some amazing bands play, and party!

So far, some of the confirmed artists attending are as follows (but many more to be announced in the near future!):

SOME of the featured artists are as follows:

Adam Foreman, High Voltage Tattoo,CA www.highvoltagetattoo.com
Adrian Gallegos, High Voltage Tattoo,CA www.highvoltagetattoo.com
Andy Moore, Shogun Tattoo,CA www.shoguntattoo.com
Bob Tyrell, Night Gallery,Detroit www.bobtyrrell.com
Brian Burk, Spotlight Tattoo,CA www.eatsurfsleepshit.com
Cesar, Ritual Images, Monterrey mexico www.ritualcesar.com
Charlie Roberts, Spotlight Tattoo, CA www.eatsurfsleepshit.com
Clay Decker, True Tattoo, CA www.truetattoo.net
Corey Miller, Six feet Under Tattoo, CA www.sixfeetunder.com
Dan Smith, New Zealand/CA
Dennis Halbritter, High Voltage Tattoo, CA www.highvoltagetattoo.com
Goeth, Upland, CA www.tattoosbygoethe.com
Hannah Aitchison, High Voltage Tattoo/LA Ink, CA
Henry Lewis, Everlasting Tattoo, CA www.everlastingtattoo.com
Henry Powell, Six Feet Under Tattoo, CA www.sixfeetunder.com
HoriTaka, State of Grace Tattoo,CA www.horitaka.com
Jeff Ward, High Voltage Tattoo, CA www.highvoltagetattoo.com
Jeffrey Page, True Tattoo,CA www.truetattoo.net
Kat Von D, High Voltage Tattoo/LA Ink, CA
Kim Saigh, High Voltage Tattoo/LA Ink, CA
Koi, High Voltage Tattoo, CA
Kore Flatmo, Plurabella Studios,OH www.plurabella.com
Larry Garcia, Six Feet Under Tattoo, CA www.sixfeetunder.com
Luke Atkinsons, Germany www.checker-demon-tattoos.de
Jonathon SHaw, Brazil
Juan Puente,Spotlight Tattoo, CA www.eatsurfsleepshit.com
Lal hardy, New Wave Tattoo, UK www.newwavetattoo.co.uk
Marco Cerrettli, Spotlight Tattoo, CA www.eatsurfsleepshit.com
Mojo, High Voltage Tattoo, CA www.highvoltagetattoo.com
Nate Fiero, High Voltage Tattoo, CA www.highvoltagetattoo.com
Nikko Hurtado, Apple Valley, CA. www.ignitiontattoo.com
Paul Stotler, True Tattoo,CA www.truetattoo.net
Pete castro, Shogun Tattoo, CA www.shoguntattoo.com
Robert Atkinson, The Room Tattoo, CA www.thetattooroom.com
Robert Hernandez, Vittamin Tattoo, SPAIN www.rhernandeztattoos.com
Scott Corbin, Six Feet Under Tattoo, CA www.sixfeetunder.com
Seth Ciferri, Read Street Tattoo, CA www.readstreettattoo.com
Shawn Barber, Everlasting Tattoo, CA www.everlastingtattoo.com
Steven Peace, Calgary, CANADA www.calgarytattoos.com
tim kern, brooklyn, NY
Zach Johnson, Six Feet Under Tattoo,CA www.sixfeetunder.com

Some of the booked bands thus far are:

TIGER ARMY, Guana Bats, TURBONEGRO, Eagles of Death Metal, The Invisible Humans, and a few more to be announced later!

This whole thing is taking place FEBRUARY 22,23, and 24th, at The Orange County Fair and Exposition Centre, in Costa Mesa, CA.

Tattoo contests will take place daily for everyone to have the chance to represent their collection of tattoos done by their artists.

LA Ink will be down there to film for a very special episode of the show, and present to the world a well rounded group of some of the finest tattooing thats going down that weekend, and I can't wait to share this amazing experience with all of you, and hope that you all will come out and support such a fun event!

I will do my best to update this blog as to keep all of you in the know!

Feel free to repost this, and get the word out!

I love you all,
Kat Von D"

This definitely sounds like a lot of fun plus Tiger Army is playing! Making plans now....

More info -


Meanwhile heading out to see Nekromantix tonight at the Ottobar along with the Koffin Kats & the Chop Tops. Kinda disappointed Troy quit Nekro, he was always fun to take pix of in his wild guitar poses.
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