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Friday night at the Ottobar....

(at right: The Koffin Kats attempt a human pyramid)

Friday night after work I drove up to Baltimore to catch a great bill at the Ottobar of the Nekromantix, Koffin Kats, The Chop Tops & local band Junkrod.

Ran into some folks I'd met at the recent DC Tiger Army show including the fellow who had the Tigerbat tattooed across his hands & his girlfriend (the tattoo artist). Met a couple of guys from Catholic University in DC who'd taken the train up & weren't quite sure what to do after the show as the next train home wasn't until morning - I felt bad for them since it was pretty cold so I offered them a ride back afterwards & ended up dropping them at the Silver Spring Metro so they could get a train downtown which was a big help for them & barely out of my way.

When I walked in th efirst person I ran into ws Neidermeier who waved me over to th ebar & I said hello. He started looking around & asked "where's your friend who always comes with you to shows" and Irealized he meant Judy who's come with me to see the Horrorpops probably a dozen times so I had to tell him the sad news & he said "I'm so sorry" and gave me a hug. She is missed by many. :(

Junkrod was up first - they looked familiar and I realized I'd seen them back in November 2003 opening for Danzig at the Recher Theater....LOL how could I forget the guitarist's stuicker of a squirrel saying "Protect my Nuts"

Next up were the Koffin Kats who were a lot of fun, they have so much energy on stage & singer/bassist Vic Victor is all over the place waving that bass around like it was nothing! Somewhere along the line he cut his head & was bleeding like crazy but it never slowed them down. Got some pretty good pix...

More Koffin Kats pix:

(to be continued next post with Nekromantix pix)

The Koffin Kats -

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