Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Nice Day (Night?) for a Resurrection...

The Chop Tops followed the Koffin Kats & were very good, I need to resize the pix of them.

Last up were the Nekromantix with their new guitarist Pete - I do miss Troy as he was always fun to photograoh since he struck so many crazy guitar poses and Pete is much more restrained on stage but did fine where it counts :) Pete and Andy DeMize do a great job on harmonizing backup vocals that really adds a lot.

Sadly they experienced a lot of sound problems causing Kim to stop several times (and yell out to Neidermeier in Danish so who knows what the problem was), thankfully they were able to get things fixed & finish the set though it seemed like a much shorter set than back in May when they played here with Time Again.

More Nekromantix pix:

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