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the angel has spread its wings, the time has come for bitter things...

I just found out that Marilyn Manson is coming to the Rams Head in January, there's a presale for tickets starting in a few minutes... I think I need to go, I almost felt unfaithful not going to the show at Merriweather last summer with Slayer even tho I generally avoid anything outside during the summer. And the new album isn't anywhere near as bad as the one before it (Golden Age of the Grotesque) plus my friends who've seen him recently have said the shows were much better than the last few tours. LOL talk about damning with faint praise!

Anyway Paula also wants to go so I will nab tix, it will be very strange to go without Jree but our old circle is slowly and sadly shrinking - of the group we used to road trip with to Manson shows back in the day now both Carrie and Jeannette are gone as well and Regina pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth once she got married & moved away. But old habits die hard.

I'm just glad I saw him as many times as I did back in the early days when he was utterly unpredicatble and one of the most mesmerizing performers ever. Those shows on the Portrait of An American Family/Smells Like Children and AntiChrist Superstar tours were amazing and intense to the max, the purest form of sonic ritual I've experienced.

Jeez the upcoming Valentine's Day will be the 13th anniversary of the first time I saw Manson play when Jree and I ventured down to the old 9:30 club and got our minds blown.
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