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Rest in Peace Maila Nurmi


Various sources are reporting Maila Nurmi has died of natural causes at the age of 86.

Nurmi is better known as Vampira, the raven-haired horror host of the 1950s who inspired countless successors including Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Her svelte figure and gothic looks were unparalleled; in fact, director Ed Wood didn't change a thing about her appearance when he used her for his notorious sci-fi/horror bomb Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Nurmi passed away in her sleep several days ago. According to Metroblogging, her friends are seeking to find her a place in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Cry :(

I count myself very lucky to have a beautiful self portrait she painted, it hangs over my Thomas Kuntz statue of her as a little shrine in my dining room

Rest In Peace Maila

A recipe for Vampira (as provided by Vampira herself):

2 oz. Theda Bara
(vamp, vamp)
2 oz. Morticia
(morbid Victorian)
3 oz. Norma Desmond
(Sunset Boulevard)
4 oz. Tallulah Bankhead
(the voice, dahling)
2 oz. Marilyn Monroe
(demons are a ghoul's best friend)
3 oz. Katherine Hepburn
(Victorian English)
2 oz. Bettie Davis
(mama, baby)
3 oz. Billie Burke
3 oz. Marlene Dietrich
(singing voice)
8 oz. Bizarre pin-up

Add 3 lizard eggs, 2 mothballs and a glass eye from a pygmy. Shake
vigorously till steaming
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