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Geoff Kresge back in Tiger Army!!!

I'm kinda in shock but its a happy shock - just spotted this on the official TA website:

Geoff Kresge Returns to Tiger Army! Geoff Kresge has returned as the stand-up bassist for Tiger Army -- this is a name that will no doubt be familiar to Tiger Army fans, Kresge performed all live shows with the band from 1999 to mid-2004, as well as performing on the band's second and third albums. Jeff Roffredo has left the band as a friend, to pursue other interests. Kresge says, "I don't think people understand what a difficult decision it was for me to make when I left the band in late 2004, or that it may or may not have been for the reasons that the fans have heard or read about. Being given the opportunity to rejoin the band is an exciting prospect!" Nick 13, Geoff Kresge and James Meza hit the road this week, check out Tourdates for ticket links and all other info...

I will certainly really miss Roffredo, he's an amazing bassist but Geoff is a super showman & a very dear friend and I'll admit I cried buckets when he left in 2004. Now i'm really psyched about flying out to San Diego on Friday to see them at SOMA (the very same venue where I first photographed them at the first show of their 2004 tour when I smuggled in a small Nikon 35mm & got double prints so the next day in Pomona I gave a set to Nick 13 who liked the pix so much & said they were better than most pros and asked if I'd like a photo pass and it kind of went from there! Shown here is one my pix from that show....LOL my 1st roll of TA pix from the pre-digital days!)

Waaaah also just found out Friday from Stu that Zombie Ghost Train is opening for TA in Australia in March - round trip airfare would be around $1,900....but I could prolly swing that easier than the fact that I don't have enuff vacation days. Sigh, I wish I could win the lottery, it would be so much fun to se emy 2 fav bands together.... (and don't think I haven't suggested to Nick that he really should have ZGT open in the USA....)

Here's a new promo photo of Tiger Army 2008-
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