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visit to the 7th house

One of the highlights of my trip was getting to meet up with my old buddy Devilman138 who runs the amazing 7th House which is the ultimate Danzig fan site - it had been down briefly but thankfully is now up (hooray!).

I've been friends with D-Man for 10 years now & this is the first time I've gotten to visit his fiendish pad and see his unholy collection of goodies, I've got no small collection myself (there's good reason they call me the "fiend queen")but it was like a mind blowing musuem of Danzig (and Samhain & the Misfits). Also got to visit with his lovely wife & their 2 dogs (Astroboy and Grendel) and cats (Satanika and Buford) Many "fangs" for his hospitality!

(Shown in photo - Devilman138 & EVB @ the 7th House)
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