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marty emond love

I know I've babbled on about how much I love the artwork of the much missed Martin Emond but it was cool to find out of another of his admirers - apparently Marilyn Manson recently stopped by the Illicit tattoo shop in New Zealand started by some of Marty's friends and had one of his drawings of a skull butterfly tattooed on him. (Link to pix) So I am certainly far from the only one with Marty's art tattooed on them!

Small world again :) Glad also that I managed to snag one of the "Rocker Biker Chick" statues done after one of Marty's paintings that Sideshow was offering

And speaking of MM, I'm looking very much forward to the show at the Ram's Head in Baltimore next Thursday, especially now that Twiggy has rejoined the band - hooray!

when I get more $$ (hahahahaha!) I really want this Emond print that Illicit NZ has for sale -

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