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I should be in Baltimore now to see Marilyn Manson but I didn't make it..... I've been sick since Sunday night when I got hit by the flu - it came on really quick, Monday night I was running a 103 degree fever but then yesterday I was feeling better & made it back into work and hoped the worst was over...

But then late last night I started feeling MUCH worse and my asthma kicked up, I got about an hours sleep and then woke up at 2 AM wheezing and coughing so bad I gave up trying to sleep & just kinda surfed the web all night... got hold of my doctors office when they opened & she saw me right away & put me back on antibiotics and prednisone for the asthma & thankfully gave me the GOOD cough syrup with hydracodone in it which knocked me out for the afternoon and stopped the coughing (about freaking time as by then I was having nasty chest pains, when I cough that hard & that long my lungs just kinda spasm)

Ended up just too wiped out to drive to Baltimore and back & scared to get stranded, sadly thats $120 worth of tix down the tube for Paula & me, cry. Hopefully they'll swing back within a few months, was especially excited to see them again since Twiggy just rejoined. So I severely bummed out tonite, but this priobably happens to me at least once a year - get tix to a show I really want to see and then end up sick at the last minute.

At least I should be fine by next weekend - Paula's b'day is a week from tomorrow and Chris and I are taking her out to a Japanese steakhouse, then Saturday Chris and I are road tripping out to Covington, KY (across the river from Cincinnati) for Tiger Army :)

On a happier note I got my favorite zombie boys some airplay on XM Satellite radio!!! I kept writing the XM punk station Fungus 53 & asking them to play them on their psychobilly show "Hee Haw Hell" (runs twice a day weekdays at 6 AM and 6 PM and also Mondays noon-1 and 9-10 pm EST) & their program director actually wrote me a nice email saying he'd look for some so I cut to the chase & mailed them both albums & when he got them he wrote me:

"That was really rad of you to send in the ZGT cds!! We agree that they kick ass and we’ll be playing stuff from both the records starting right away!".

So last night I turned it on when I got home (I can also listen online as well as thru my car stereo) & the first song on was "Graveyard Queen" - yippee!!! Hopefully it will give them some kinda exposure since that station runs nationwide!!! :) It's great that they actually listen to their listeners, I love my XM, especially after the only decent FM station in town went spanish overnight 2 years ago (R.I.P. WHFS, sniff!)

screenshot 'cause I'm such a fangirl ;)

Also thanked them for playing lotsa Tiger Army, not just the "hits" either but album tracks - in fact the last two I've heard were "Last Night" and "American Nightmare" - awesome!!
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