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Saturday night in Kentucky :)

Another weekend another Tiger Army show - yay!!!

Chris and I headed off way too early Saturday morning for Covington, KY (just across the river from Cincinnati) - a 500 mile roadtrip that could have been smoother... first we stopped for breakfast & I realized I'd left my wallet in my other hoodie when I gassed up the night before so we had to turn around. Then I fell asleep in the car & wasn't awake to tell Chris to get off the PA turnpike at the New Stanton exit and continue on Rt 70 and woke up somewhere north of Pittsburgh to turn back again. Poor Chris tried to make up some time which earned him a speeding ticket - whoops. So we cooled it & eventually rolled into Covington & checked into the Marriott Courtyard right on the waterfront, delighted to see a White Castle in the front of the hotel - sweet!

Headed over to the venue which was pretty close - it was a very intimate venue with a tiny low stage and no barrier which was a very cool place to see Tiger Army after much larger venues on the west coast. Delivered the bags of cookies that Paula and I had made for TA and The Dear & Departed which were very well received :) The guys sure enjoy some treats on the road and James is totally all about those NUTTER BUTTERS!!)

The crowd was totally crazy & really into it, it got pretty rough & I was thrown forward into the stage a few times - my back is hurting today as are my shins (banged into the stage) but it was soooo worth it as the show was just amazing, there was just so much energy I think it was one of the best shows I've seen in ages. One of those nights when you realize why you love something so much and why you go so far out of your way to do what you do and hell yeah it was worth driving 500 miles each way & all the hassles and money. Hey Liz's whole attitude towards life - ask yourself at any given moment where you'd be if you could be doing anything and then if you aren't already doing it, figure out how to make it happen! There are few things I'd ever rather do than go see my favorite bands :)

The Dear & Departed were also great & it was a real treat to see Dan join Tiger Army onstage for the encore for "Ghosts of Memory" as he sang the backups on the album so that was a real treat (plus they rarely play that one live!!)

Prelude - Signal Return
When the Night Comes Down
Devil Girl
Santa Carla Twilight
Rose of the Devil's Garden
Through the Darkness
Forever Fades Away
Cupid’s Victim

Ghosts of Memory (w/ Dan from the Dear & Departed!)
American Nightmare
Never Die

I was REALLY hoping they'd play American Nightmare again so Chris could hear it so I called out for for it & was blown away when Nick introduced it - he said "you could have been coming to see Tiger Army since '96 or '97 and never gotten to hear this one live except for Elizabeth over there who was in San Diego a few weeks ago"

Nick, you so rock :)

Afterwards hung out for a bit - gave James a big hug & talked to the Dear & Departed for a while, they are all such sweethearts, I really wish they were playing the Vegas show next weekend instead of Love Equals Death (who I do like quite a bit) but since they played the record release show in Vegas last June they couldn't do it again - bummer! Will see Dan at the MuseInk fest coming up tho as he'll be doing some tattooing there!

At least our return trip was smoother & uneventful, we stopped at an Outback steak house for dinner & to take a break from the car - the BEST thing IMHO about Super Bowl Sunday is being able to walk right into the sort of popularrestaurant where you'd normally have to wait an eternity for a table and have it be mostly empty (in fact just a few tables of football widows!) The steak was wonderful & very rare :)


Dan from the Dear & Departed doing guest vocals on "Ghosts of Memory" for the encore:

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