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My ink hits the big time!

Browsing thru magazines at Borders tonight I noticed that TATTOO magazine (March 2005) finally ran an artcle on my fav shop Jinx Proof and hooray, they used photos of two of my pieces! Susan had called me back in September & invited me down for a photo shoot when the article was planned but there was no guarantee that they'd use anything so I'm thrilled to see that they ran pix of both pieces that they shot!

Of course just setting foot in the shop is dangerous, I ended up making another appointment that day & got the tigerbat & black roses armband done the next day since Susan had the design ready. I'm such an ink addict = )

Speaking of Susan, she just sent me a really nice holiday present - a black hoody with the Jinx Proof logo embroidered over the breast area in lavender - its very cool, I'll happily advertise their shop! Need to go back down for another fix in the near future!

Read the article here - http://www.jinxprooftattoos.com/jpnews.htm
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