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"Look! They're filming midgets!"

Had a fairly quiet President's Day weekend, catching up on much needed sleep has made me feel considerably better while I head into another crazy sleepless weekend which at least will be the last major travel for a bit.

Did get out to the movies and Paula and I went down to the Landmark in Bethesda and caught "In Bruges" directed by popular British playwright Martin McDonagh starring Colin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes and Brendan Gleeson. Went expecting some witty wanna be Quentin Tarrantino meets Guy Ritchie after seeing the trailer and was considerably more impressed by the writing & character development. The language is pretty raw but damn funny with many great lines and how can you miss with 2 hitmen on vacation and loads of violence, drugs, prostitutes and midget jokes and some Hieronymus Bosch for good measure. Highly recommended so long as you don't blush at the "f" word (kinda wondered how some of the elderly crowd at the art house theatre were handling it...)

Looking forward to the weekend - heading out Friday morning for SoCal again, will catch Time Again's record release show at the Knitting Factory Friday night & then Saturday is the big "MusInk" tattoo convention in Orange County put on by Kat Von D/LA Ink and Tiger Army, The Guana Batz and Throw Rag will be playing there that night which will be fun. Have to promise myself no new tattoos (combo of no money + not wanting to fly cross country with itchy new tattoo & no lotion *or* end up in the midst of moshpit with a fresh and sore one!) but I am definitely wanting some more soon, can't believe its been a year and a half since my last!

So last big trip for a while, at least until TA tours in May :) I'm kinda depressed that there was no way I could get enuff $$$ together to go see them in Australia (mainly because I REALLY want to see Zombie Ghost Train again who are opening for them) but it would be about $2K in airfare alone and I just haven't been able to raise it. The economy is so awful I can't sell much now - over the years I've always been able to count on selling some collectibles quick to raise fast cash when I need it. Haven't been able to move any of my horse figurines in months and was trying to sell several pieces of art but only able to sell one and got really low offers on the others so I figured it was better to hang on to them for now than sacrifice for a lot less than I'd paid. (at least I made a good profit on the one I did sell) Nobody has extra $$ for stuff these days, that recession has been here for a while :( Just really miss them, hopefully they'll be back to the states this summer or later this year I can afford to go over there. Read in the LA times that some more airlines will be starting the LAX-Sydney route which is expected to bring fares down quite a bit, maybe under $1K round trip which would be awesome. Never quite understood why Australia was so much more to travel to than Japan but apparently there's a lot less options.

And there's a good chance I'll make it to Japan in August :) That damn passport is burning a hole in my pocket. At least that gives me a lot more time to raise the $$.

Great to hear ZGT again on XM's Fungus channel too last nite, so happy to hear them on the (sat) radio!!! :)

At least some good shows are finally coming here - the Horrorpops will be at the Ottobar March 2 and The Unseen there March 15 and Time Again April 4th and Tiger Army is actually playing there May 16 which will be pretty insane. The Ottobar is definitely my favorite dive bar & place to see a show/hang out, plus next to Reptilian Records & around the corner from the Paper Moon diner :) TA will also be playing the Troc in Philly on the 17th & Irving Plaza in NYC on the 18th which will make for a crazy fun weekend!
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