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I like my coffee like I like my women...covered in beeees!

Just found out that Eddie Izzard is doing another big tour & will be here in DC on May 1/2 - woot! (and the nice person who posted this on the Blood Pact forums also posted the presale password which is "STRIP" BTW)

This will be a blast, very glad to be able to snag good orchestra pit tix as I know it will sell out quick, especially with him now having his own TV more-or-less mainstream show.


"EDDIE IZZARD IS UNDOUBTEDLY SEDUCTIVE, He is Miraculous, Deliriously, Dizzyingly, Exhaustingly, CATCH YOUR BREATH FUNNY" - The New York Times


Eddie is starting the largest comedy tour of his career. His new one man show, fittingly titled STRIPPED, will hit North America this April with performances in 34 cities.

You and your fellow fan club members have the exclusive chance to purchase PRE-SALE TICKETS now at 10am today through March 9th at 10pm!

Click on the below venues to get hold of your tickets.
The exclusive pre-sale code you need to use is "STRIP"


Dates and venues:

April 28 - 30: Boston
May 1 & 2: Washington DC
May 5 & 7: Philadelphia
May 9: Cincinnati
May 10: Indianapolis
May 13: Columbus
May 15 & 17: Chicago
May 20: Detroit
May 21 & 22: Pittsburgh
May 23 & 24: Cleveland
May 27 & 28: Minneapolis
May 30: St. Louis
May 31: Kansas City
June 3: Memphis
June 5: Dallas
June 6 - 8: Austin
June 10 & 11: Houston
June 13 & 14: Miami
June 17 & 18: Tampa
June 20: Nashville
June 24 & 25: Atlanta
June 27: New York City
July 11 & 12: Seattle
July 15: Portland
July 17 - 19: San Francisco
July 22 & 23: Phoenix
July 29: Denver
July 30: Denver
August 1 & 2: San Diego
August 8 / 9: Los Angeles

Keep watching Eddie's website for more news and details of STRIPPED.

Good Luck!
The BeeKeepers
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