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The Unseen at the Ottobar

Saturday was pretty crazy - I headed up early to the Ottobar to see the Unseen & get a chance to hang out a bit and brought them some cookies Paula baked. When I arrived I saw the hood of their truck up and all of them bending over the engine - NOT a good sign. Turns out all the fluid was leaking out of the transmission and it had started making some weird noises just as they were getting into Baltimore which was only the third stop of their month long tour with Wilhelm Scream. Needless to say they were pretty worried and had to figure out what to do - of course it was late afternoon on a Saturday which meant no repair shops would be open until Monday morning.

Meanwhile I drove Mark & their tour manager Jeff down to a nearby Auto parts store where they bought a huge container of transmission fluid so they could add some before they tried to drive the truck anywhere to be repaired & they made plans. Eventually they decided to rent a vehicle so the band could continue on the their shows (next one in Virginia beach the next night) and they'd leave Jeff and Elvis behind to take the truck into a dealership Monday morning and meanwhile they could park their trailer at one of Elvis' friend's house where they were staying. Then once the truck is fixed they can catch up with the band who can drop off the van in another city.

It took Mark a while to find a place where they could rent a large vehicle on such short notice but he found a full size car thru Avis at BWI airport so I drove him down to pick it up - when we got there he was really lucky and was able to upgrade it to a 12 passenger van for only $6 more! The fellow at the checkout was really funny... Mark asked if anybody could smoke in the van, he was like "hey man, you can you anything you want, you wouldn't believe what people do in there. I found half a joint under the seat." His smile indicated that he enjoyed the remaining half and hoped for some more good finds, I bet he cleans those vehicles out thoroughly...

Mark in the van followed me back to the Ottobar (I figure with all my stickers my car is hard to loose in traffic!) & we got there just in time to catch Wilhelm Scream who I'd heard recommended before and they were really good. Then the Unseen went on a little after midnight & even tho they were stressed and tired they put on a great show including a wonderful cover of "Paint it Black" for the encore.

Fun to watch Elvis playing with them - he's the singer/guitarist from Left Alone and is filling in for Tripp this tour & will also do so on the upcoming one they are doing with Tiger Army. I'd met him a couple years back when LA were touring with the Horrorpops & then again opening for Tiger Army & he likes my pix & LA used one on their last album so when he spotted me when I arrived his first question was "you still snapping pix?" and I promised to get some good ones of him. And speaking of photos, Mark gave me a couple copies of their latest album on vinyl as some of my pix are on the inside liner - yay, I'm officially on some VINYL! The clear vinyl is especially cool :) Still so proud to se ethem using those pix I took on T shirts posters etc!

Tried to talk Mark & Co. into coming over to the Paper Moon diner afterwards but they were too stressed & tired so Jennifer and I went & had a great late nite dinner and the Unseen have a raincheck for May 16th when they'll be back at the Ottobar with Tiger Army - that will be a fun weekend!!

More pix on my webpage at http://www.psychotica.net/unseen/2008-Ottobar.html

Elvis rockin' out -

one of the 9 million stage divers...

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